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Good Company | On Sadhana & what it means to be a yogi with Devon Pipars & Sarah Feinstein

Welcome to the 1st edition of ‘Good Company’, where I riff on all things sadhana with friends & yogis Devon Pipars & Sarah Feinstein. We swap stories and discuss our different practices which keep us grounded in daily sadhana. This episode is packed with nuggets of wisdom from three different vantage points, all encapsulated with […]

devon pipars and sarah feinstein two yoga teachers
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Trusting the Journey Inward with Chaytna Feinstein

Celebrating the launch of her brilliant book ‘Predestined’ Chaytna talks to me about her wild overland journey to spiritual India in the 70s and eventually meeting her Guru. She’s been a friend and mentor to me for many years, her insight into what’s kept her steadfast in her practice for the past 45 years is nothing short of amazing. 

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On Remembering your True Self with Katharine Pincham

“There’s nothing to cover, there’s nothing separate then That. The thing with sadhana is that you can say the words but with practice the words become more and more true for you.”   I loved this conversation with Katharine Pincham, a Vedic and yogic philosophy teacher and inspiring sadhak from London, UK. She shares her story […]

yoga philosophy teacher katharine pincham
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Faith, Grace and Spiritual Transformation with Hirdaya Heidi Groschler

“Where the person stops, the power begins…” How to have faith when we go against our preferences, invite transformation and wonder in the unfoldment of grace? In this episode, I’m talking to Heidi Groschler, or Hirdaya as she’s known. I met Hirdaya at my ashram in India, she’s a dear friend & teacher of my […]

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a Curious Yogi Podcast is live!

A Yoga podcast that gets to the heart of yoga Welcome to a Curious Yogi podcast where I share insightful and joyful conversations with sadhaks, satsangees, and other spiritual seekers. Get inspired by their spiritual stories, learn their tried and true practices, and how to apply their wisdom into your own sadhana… and life  I’m […]

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