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A return to yoga as it was always meant to be. 
Go to a place in your practice where you’ve never been before with personalized, private yoga. 

Plus, did you know that yoga traditionally was practiced in ‘private’ sessions with one student and one teacher? 
Let's take your yoga practice to the depths by going back to the roots. 

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Perhaps you find it difficult to attend regular classes, don't have time to commute to a yoga studio or simply want to enjoy a personalized practice - wherever you are. 
We'll meet for an hour once a week at a convenient time in the comfort of your preferred space. 
It's so simple. All you need is your yoga mat, your laptop & a reliable internet connection. 

How it Works


You’re here because you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level. We start by focusing on your needs, challenges and goals to help you get effective results based on your current condition and schedule. 

Book that first session and fill in a quick intake form so I can get to know you - and tailor your totally perfect practice to what you need.  

You’ll receive an email with all the instructions and nitty gritty to get going once you’ve requested your desired time in my calendar. 

2. We work together TO MOVE THE NEEDLE

It’s a collective work. You'll discover and unfold the techniques and principles which speak to you - whether that means going down the physical, mental or spiritual avenues or a beautiful hybrid of all aspects. 

I will continually be developing your practice so that it meets your needs, while reminding you that where you are right NOW is perfect. 

Each session is recorded so you can continue to repeat what you’ve learned and integrate the yogic practices into your daily routine with actionable plans in between our meetings. 

3. AND gain Tools for a lifetime

Yoga techniques can be carried with you for the rest of your life, down to how you meet your last breath. 

You’ll be surprised how quickly the light of the yogi’s path begins to shine into all corners of your life. 

Private, personalized yoga will give you the opportunity to help you see yourself at a different level, to go deeper to the place where your spirit shines, and to help you shine that light outward for others as you journey onward in life.

i can help because i've been there

I spent 14 years as a depressed, addicted and lost yogi. 

And it wasn’t until I began to put some real tenderness, love and care into my daily sadhana, that I began to unfold that state of bliss, which is Yog. I realize now that what I lacked for so many years was a clear and direct path, under the guidance of a teacher, to help me unfold that knowledge for myself. I never could have done it alone, and you don’t have to either.

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And I've come to realize, we all need a little help to see the back of our head.

You’ll get comfort, trust and accountability 

Learn how to intuitively know and love your whole being through this work. 

And you’ll grow your practice exponentially

Rediscover the power which you already have to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.

And you’ll also transform your everyday life

Watch yourself blossom as you radiate the truth of who you are with the support of your sadhana practice. 

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What They're Sayin'

“Bobbi or as she is known by her spiritual name, Garima (Greatness), is like her name, great: a great being, and a great yoga teacher. I’ve taken many private classes with her and in addition to her profound knowledge of yoga poses and enviable ability to demonstrate them, she is also a careful and supportive teacher in words and actions—she has been my “scaffolding,” allowing me to practice poses I would have never been able to get into or maintain on my own.

Garima brings the awareness she learnt at the feet of her Guru in India to every class she teaches, leaving you at the end not only stronger and more flexible but also imbued with calm and the presence of that which is beyond the individual being or moment.”
- Gadi, PhD, Technology Consultant, California 

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What They're Sayin'

Bobbi is a highly evolved yogi who brings joy and light to the practice.
Her deep knowledge of each asana does not stop on the physical level. Rather, with enthusiastic skill and one-pointed attention, she leads her students to the source-awareness, described by the yogis as Sat-Chit-Anand, Existence-Consciousness, and Bliss. This is the true purpose of any yoga practice.

Bobbi values the full spectrum of yoga, which is not only to purify the channels and strengthen the physical body. The space of meditation is created throughout the practice. This rare ability makes the class unique and fulfilling”
- Pragati, Meditation & Pranaayam teacher, New Zealand & India 

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What They're Sayin'

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“Bobbi walks the walk of yoga. She's spent years studying yogic philosophy and asana, and lives the

practice everyday.”

 She brings a deep understanding of both the physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga to her teaching. Bobbi's creative sequencing and hands on adjustments inspire me to incorporate them into my home practice after our classes together. "

- Anandi, Film Maker, British Columbia

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And watch your life blossom.

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