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Go Deeper in your Practice and Uncover the

true joy of yoga

Learn how the tried and true practices of traditional yoga can totally illuminate your life. 

Life's too short to stay stuck in the dark. 

Yoga is a lifelong practice that will shine into every corner of your life - when you decide to wholeheartedly step into the unknown of your personal practice, or sadhana. 

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Confidence in your autonomy over your overall wellness

Improved physical strength, flexibility, mobility and body awareness

Increased capacity to self-regulate the breath/mind/body connection 

Spiritual insight into the depth and delight of who you truly are

Expert and down to earth guidance rooted in traditional yoga practices 

The inner wisdom and clarity to expand your own life

No matter which yoga offering you choose you’ll always receive 

You are ready to embrace your practice and grow exponentially? Expand your knowledge of yoga, develop a Self practice that is unique to you and focus directly on your goals/needs/life with the support of an advanced yogi.  

Private Yoga

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 I create tailor made private sessions designed for you specifically using the yogic practices of asana, pranaayam, meditation, mantra and philosophy as taught to me by my teachers in India. 

Together we co-create a yogic system unique to you, bringing illumination and autonomy as I support you to integrate the practices into your daily life where you can begin to see results on, and off the mat. 

I'm ready to embrace


You are ready to truly explore what Yoga is with the support of a community of yogi’s who still love the asanas and are lending greater meaning to the practice by embracing the complete integrated systems and knowledge of Yog 

 I offer well-thought-out, informative and light-hearted group workshops which are rooted in the traditions of Yoga, in order for you to uncover what yoga is both within and beyond the physical asanas.

Your yoga journey begins when you start to inquire deeper and these workshops are here to support you as you really start to dig what it is you love about yoga. 

I’m ready to explore


You are ready to immerse yourself into yoga, meditation, satsang and self care supported by community and nature. 

I co-host global retreats in collaboration with advanced yoga practitioners who sincerely live and cherish the yogic lifestyle. Join me for 4 days this September on the idyllic Sunshine Coast of British Columbia where you can reconnect to your highest self and create the space to be able to show up with a little more freedom and joy in your day to day life.  

I’m ready to immerse

and this is possible if one expands their capacity of understanding to grasp the Self and maintain serenity in the midst of opposites.”

 forever at peace;

Bhagavad Gita 6:7 Swami Shyam 

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“Each person seeks knowledge which will keep them

“Each person seeks knowledge which will keep them                         

"Don't even think about not joining Bobbi. You would be missing the opportunity of a lifetime!"

“Bobbi is both knowledgeable and graceful. Her peaceful energy is lovely to work with. She is also intuitive and can tune-in to what her client needs. I have taken hundreds of yoga classes over the years and Bobbi is the best teacher and guide I have ever had. BY FAR!”
- Chaytna, Author & Professor, British Columbia

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“It is obvious Bobbi has had excellent training, she has a beautiful disposition and caring heart that gets conveyed even on screen."

 I  like how she infuses her classes with spiritual awareness through pranayam, references to ancient knowledge, and Hindi chanting. When I finish her classes I am empowered and energized. With Bobbi’s guidance I look forward to deepening my personal practice.” 
- Alisa, Meditator, California

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happy yogi's

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"My physical body has never been so balanced. I am starting to feel as if I am whole and not two separate pieces. Mentally I show up differently now everyday."

With the breathing techniques  I am able to re-ground which has always been a struggle for me to do alone. Spiritually it has helped me realize that we are all one and that everything is connected, life and death, sun and moon, light and dark, it all has beauty and this is one thing Bobbi has helped me feel in my heart." - Karly, Myofascial release therapist, Alberta

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happy yogi's

What they’re sayin’

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