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Hi! I’m Bobbi - 
Curious yogi, shameless idealist, & super connector.

I help curious yogi’s master their Self practice and find the joy in living the wisdom of Yog because nothing can shake us when we’re rooted in the highest truth of ourselves. 

You’re at the yoga studio, finally resting in savasana after a long asana practice, and just as you’re starting to expand your awareness to ‘some place deeper’ (or your neighbor starts snoring) - the class is up and it’s time to run again. 

You love the asanas but what about all the spiritual practices that have been guiding the yogi’s to that lasting state of transcendence and peace for thousands of years?

You’re not about to go find your Guru, live in an ashram in India, or do a long expensive teacher training - and that’s totally perfect because I did all that and now I can share it with you.

I’ve been studying and living the teachings of Hath Yog, vedic philosophy & meditation for seventeen years and something I’ve learned along the way is that you don’t need a yoga studio or an ashram to bring total bliss to yourself daily. 

What you do need is earnestness & curiosity to create a daily spiritual practice for You - the unique, special, perfect being which is You. 
And that You, is what I’m here for. 
I’m here to show you how to build a practice, sadhana, which suits you, to guide you along your spiritual path and to celebrate the clarity, health & delight which will inevitably come as you begin to expand your life. 

10 years ago I was living in Australia and unbeknownst to my instagram followers, I was not living the beach bum dream but actually lost, confused, and desperate.

I was seeking but for what I didn’t know.Addiction, depression, undiagnosed ADHD (and the list goes on - trust me), made life a super drag, and I needed a way out.

Long story short, I made my way to the himalayas of northern India where I found what I was looking for. I met my teacher Swami Shyam, a self realized master, and began to unfold the true meaning of Yog. 

As I sat and absorbed the teaching I got my deepest question first, followed by the answer: Who am I? Vedic wisdom & yogic philosophy says our true nature, our real ‘I’ (not the addicted, lost, small I) is Sat-Chit-Aanand which is Absolute Bliss Consciousness. Whoa. 

I fell in love with the depth of Vedic knowledge at the heart of Yog and began spending months in India every year to study philosophy, scriptures and attend daily satsang with my beloved Swamiji at the International Meditation Institute. Finally after fifteen years of my personal discovery of yoga and sadhana, I was ready to attend a 200 hour Hath Yog teacher training program Karnataka, India at the Aryu-yoga eco ashram & begin to share what I have learned.  

So that’s why I’m here. Because the path of self discovery, honing my personal sadhana and living the principles of Yog is what catapulted my healing. 

And it’s my wish for it to catapult something in you too, because we can only go through radical transformation when we’re on solid ground. And that’s what your practice will be. It’s the solid ground which will hold you through the wild and wonderful ebbs and flows of life. 

I was totally floored that the concepts of Yog were so profound and ancient yet applicable to all of my modern confusion and self-doubt. And why hadn’t I learned any of these illuminating techniques and teachings in my 9 years of hot vinyasa flows and other types of westernized classes? 

feeling curious?

Want to get curious with me? 

Let’s see how the wisdom of Yog might transform and delight your life from the inside out!

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Three nights and four days of yoga, meditation, movement practices, workshops, nourishing food, nature and community designed specifically for health care professionals that need a pause. 

Feel your vitality with daily yoga, movement, breathing and meditation practices Learn tools to unburden yourself of overwhelm and anxiety

Recharge to reconnect with the purpose and inspiration of your work

Step away from your auto-pilot mode to create healthier routines that bring a sense of lightness and fulfilment

Connect with nature and like-minded people to experience authenticity and a sense of community

Early bird Pricing until July 30th

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You should know

On that first trip to India I didn’t only fall in love with yoga but I fell in love with India and I wanted to find a way to bring meaningful and sustainable support to a small group of children who impacted me deeply. 

My best friends and I founded Positive Lamb Foundation, now a registered charity in Canada and England, serving children living with HIV in India. It’s a worthy cause and there’s many ways to get involved and support our efforts. Come on and join the +Lambs! 

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what they're sayin'

“Just got for it. It will be one of the best yoga experiences of your life. I've done a good amount of classes, with a number of teachers - in person and online - but Bobbi is special.

Her space is warm, she knows how to be completely present and hold the space for her students. She also constantly brings in what she is learning and inspired by in her own practice, which is often relevant to the moment and in turn inspires me.
She is a true yogi, walking the walk, talking the talk.” 

- Sarah, Creative Director, India

what they're sayin'

“Bobbi is hands down the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had!

Each class is different and keeps me on my toes. Nothing is repetitive which I like and she always listens to what I need for my body, never pushing me and always finding ways to work around what I can and can’t do.

I highly recommend Bobbi for private or group classes."


what they're sayin'

Bobbi has extreme insight into human nature. She is a nurturing, loving, understanding teacher; teaching self acceptance and love for self, others, nature, and God.

Bobbi has a gift. Her classes can be for anyone. After her sessions I feel awake! Motivated! I feel a change of mind and physically more flexible.

Her expertise included all levels and was focused on finding our own practice and the path to whole awareness and meditation."


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