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Discover the        in making the practice your own And living the Wisdom of Yoga

Discover the       in making the practice your own and living the Wisdom of Yoga                



Online Hatha Yoga offered with a light hearted flare and a whole lotta wisdom.

I work with curious yogis like you who are ready to dive deeper into the ancient traditions of Yog and learn how to create your own delightful, illuminating Self practice so you love stepping onto the mat and into your life each morning.

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Hello dearest! I'm Bobbi.               

And I'm a curious Yogi.
And I'm a 
curious Yogi.

I’m here as your guide, and your friend, to help you integrate hath yog, pranaayam, meditation & yogic wisdom into your daily life so you can blossom too. 

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I’m really excited that you’ve made it here! So, what’s my mission? It’s to support you in uncovering your highest Self and living an expanded everyday life. It’s my mission because I spent 14 years as a lost, addicted, and depressed yogi. And, it wasn’t until I began to put tender, love and care into my daily personal practice, sadhana, that I began to unfold that state of bliss, which is Yog. 

Upcoming Events

Join me this Spring with a monthly membership to access weekly sessions to support your practice and the integration of yoga and meditation into your daily life. 

This 1.5-hour workshop & class is designed to support you in your independent yoga journey by realizing how much you already know and learning a few new tools for your self-practice toolkit. 

Recordings and Workbook available.  

Access all this and more for only ca$49 a month
Access all this and more for only ca$49 a month

All Access Monthly 
Membership CA$49

Enjoy access to weekly live stream classes, full on demand library plus monthly workshops.  Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam & Pilates from anywhere. 

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Yoga Classes & workshops

Live Stream classes & ‘Not just yoga’ monthly workshops to explore different elements of Hath Yog, & vedic wisdom, giving you more knowledge, and more tools to bring greater meaning to your practice. 

private yoga

Your practice is meant to be really personal and unique to you, but we all need support in our sadhana. Practice with me privately to fully take yoga to your next level - I give you what You need, when you need it.


Come home to your Self in the company of other yogi’s & sadhaks (spiritual seekers). Nourish every part of your being as you (re)connect to your highest Self with yoga, meditation, self care and nature. 

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What they’re sayin’

Bobbi has a way of connecting all aspects of yoga. It’s a time where I can come together with her to connect with myself, and the universe. A time to learn while also listening to my own body, it’s a beautiful dance. Bobbi’s knowledge of yoga and the way she runs her classes are like no other. Her way of weaving in the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of yoga are seamless. The love and energy she gives to each class is magical. “ 
- Blair Ann, Teacher & Alchemist, Canada

“Bobbi is one of the few teachers I have had that doesn't push me to over-stretch or to stay in positions which cause pain or serious discomfort. She really cares about her students' well-being and safety, and because of that I've always felt safe and well-cared for in her classes. Bobbi's holistic approach to yoga is very beautiful, incorporating meditation, yogic breath work, mantra and profound knowledge into a complete practice. "
- Zach, Web Developer, India

Bobbi's dedication to yoga, meditation and yogic philosophy reflect in her wonderful classes. She teaches a perfect combination of poses that cover stretching, strengthening, flexibility, workout, and relaxation. Bobbi's bright and calming energy carries me through the class, and her watchful attention to detail in adjusting the poses makes a big difference in my practice. I leave the class feeling energized, strengthened and spiritually uplifted by her additions of beautifully sung Sanskrit verses.”
 Krishna, Meditation Teacher, Himalayan Knowledge, India & New Zealand

a day. 

Build your Self practice in 15 minutes

Free course

Free Resources

Cultivate awareness of the three gunas at play in your physical, mental and emotional bodies.  

Voice, words, sound, and thought to guide your awareness to vibrational heights through these 6 classic mantras. 



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