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S3 EP 8 R. Alexander Medin | Expanded Gratitude & The Real Yoga

“The real beauty of yoga is about letting go, being flexible and seeing that there is infinite potential in every moment.” – R. Alexander Medin R. Alexander Medin | Expanded Gratitude & The Real | Today I’m joined by R. Alexander Medin, a certified Ashtanga Teacher and all around amazing human with an incredible […]

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S3 EP7 Shaarda | Never make yourself unhappy

“A very very important practice that has to be included in our lives is to not believe our thoughts. Any thought that comes in and makes you unhappy be sure it is untrue.” – Shaarda Wow wow wow! This episode was so incredibly delightful to record and edit because it is packed to the brim […]

two yogis smiling with a flower
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S3 EP6 Satsang with Simon Jalonen | Healthcare, Seva, Charity & The Worth of Every Living Being

In this episode, I’m talking to Simon Jalonen, or Nurse Yogi as you might know him. Simon is a registered nurse, a yoga practitioner and a certified teacher. Simon is also my partner in freedom and in life and it was such a joy to have his perspective and lived wisdom on a Curious Yogi. […]

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S3 EP5 Alka Srivastava | On Guru, Knowledge, Meditation & Pure Space

“Meditation is not for being relaxed or gaining some expertise. It’s for recognizing that space as yourself – then you are not fearful of the beginning or end because you recognize yourself as Pure Free and Forever.” – Alka Alka Srivastava | On Guru, Knowledge, Meditation & Pure Space In this episode, I’m talking to […]

Alka Srivastava daughter and father Swami Shyam
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S3 EP4 Stewart Gilchrist | Hinduism, The Eternal Truth  & What Yoga Is Not

 “If you get rid of what you’re not you suss out what you are. Whatever you’re left with is you. And it’s the same with meditation.” I’ve been keeping this jewel in my pocket since I recorded it back in early March in Rishikesh and revisiting it now for the edit feels like listening to […]

Yoga teacher with dread locks sitting on the floor
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S3 EP3 Satsang with Anandi Brownstein | Cultivating inner expansiveness as a tool to move through the world

A loaded, joyful episode of a Curious Yogi Podcast filled with satsang and conversation with my dear friend and fellow yogi Anandi Brownstein – a cinematographer and documentary director who shares her lived wisdom with us from a lifetime of meditating and growing up in the Himalayas of India. Satsang with Anandi Brownstein | Cultivating […]

anandi brownstein in black and white holding a camera in front of a mirro
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