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S2 EP10 Keith Robinson | What can the Buddha in your Belly teach you about suffering, joy & purpose?

Today on a Curious Yogi Podcast I’m joined by author, sommelier, and practicing Buddhist Keith Robinson. Since childhood, Crohn’s disease has been his life-long nemesis, companion, and teacher.

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S2 Ep9 Madhuri Santanam Sondhi | How can you live to be extraordinarily blissed & peaceful at 90 years old?

“If you meditate and you become calm and are at peace with the world, then you can arrive at an answer to the problem that is worrying you.” 

Today’s enlightening conversation with Philosopher Madhuri Santanam Sondhi is a total privilege. At nearly 90 years old, she’s lived an extraordinary life.

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S2 EP8 Jess LeBlanc | What is the true value of community and belonging?

“ Belonging is a deep acceptance as who you are where all parts of you are welcome as a result of the human experience.” 

This week’s guest is yogi, educator, leader and speaker Jess LeBlanc. She aims to inspire others to build a healthy connection and interaction between the mind and body – two equally important entities in the pursuit of true health

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S2 EP7 Noah Heney | Where do Praan and Qi open the door to the Source of who you are?

“Our yoga and pranayam practice clears the clouds so I keep going; the sun is who I am, the space is who I am, that love is who I am.”

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Sadhana is the essential daily spiritual practice that brings you to your Source.

This information is directly for you if your spiritual curiosity has led you deeper into the desire for truth, freedom and liberation in this lifetime. Let’s get right into it – what is sadhana, how we “do it”, and how it has a profound effect on our quality of life.

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S2 EP5 Gurnimit Singh | How to attune with your authentic Self through the medicine of Naad?

Gurnimit Singh is a 3rd generation kirtan singer from Chandigarh India who is determined to share his lineage teachings and help practitioners evolve into their authentic selves through Bhakti Yog. He began his intense study of tabla, vocals, harmonium and kirtan at the age of 8. As a south asian LGBTQI, Gurnimit inspires others with his profound and accessible wisdom cultivated after healing his own trauma and reconciling his past of abuse.

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