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I'm a curious yogi who went from a depressed addict to living in the Himalayas of India. From fashion stylist to charity founder and from cattle ranchers daughter to happy vegan. Anything is possible!
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S2 EP8 Jess LeBlanc | What is the true value of community and belonging?

a Curious Yogi

“ Belonging is a deep acceptance as who you are where all parts of you are welcome as a result of the human experience.” 

This week’s guest is yogi, educator, leader and speaker Jess LeBlanc. She aims to inspire others to build a healthy connection and interaction between the mind and body – two equally important entities in the pursuit of true health. This is a beautifully insightful conversation around community, belonging, connection, and further more – the interconnectedness of us all. 

Special moments from the conversation: 

➖14:08 Community is key. “This work is not designed to be done in isolation.”

➖18:33  A place for awareness and compassion 

➖20:18 Quick and dirty simple tools 

➖32:43 Everyone deserves a seat at the table 

➖40:22 Get off the internet

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Connect with Jess: 

Jess is authentically walking her talk. Her generosity of spirit shines through in this episode. I know you’ll take a little inspiration and wisdom for cultivating community and belonging in your own life. 

With love and oneness, 


Thanks for listening, you beautiful soul! 


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About Bobbi

I'm Bobbi, a very curious yogi! I’m also into exploring nature all around the world, creating epic vegan feasts, and apart from being on my yoga mat, I’m happiest when I’m disco dancing my way back to the 70’s!



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A Curious Yogi 

I’m really excited that you’ve made it here! So, what’s my mission? It’s to support you in uncovering your highest Self and living an expanded everyday life. It’s my mission because I spent 14 years as a lost, addicted, and depressed yogi. And, it wasn’t until I began to put tender, love and care into my daily personal practice, sadhana, that I began to unfold that state of bliss, which is Yog. 

I’m here as your guide, and your friend, to help you integrate hath yog, pranaayam, meditation & yogic wisdom into your daily life so you can blossom too. 

Hello, friends! I'm Bobbi.

And I'm a 

curious yogi.

And I'm a curious yogi

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