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S3 EP5 Alka Srivastava | On Guru, Knowledge, Meditation & Pure Space

“Meditation is not for being relaxed or gaining some expertise. It’s for recognizing that space as yourself – then you are not fearful of the beginning or end because you recognize yourself as Pure Free and Forever.” – Alka Alka Srivastava | On Guru, Knowledge, Meditation & Pure Space In this episode, I’m talking to […]

Alka Srivastava daughter and father Swami Shyam
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S3 EP4 Stewart Gilchrist | Hinduism, The Eternal Truth  & What Yoga Is Not

 “If you get rid of what you’re not you suss out what you are. Whatever you’re left with is you. And it’s the same with meditation.” I’ve been keeping this jewel in my pocket since I recorded it back in early March in Rishikesh and revisiting it now for the edit feels like listening to […]

Yoga teacher with dread locks sitting on the floor
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S3 EP3 Satsang with Anandi Brownstein | Cultivating inner expansiveness as a tool to move through the world

A loaded, joyful episode of a Curious Yogi Podcast filled with satsang and conversation with my dear friend and fellow yogi Anandi Brownstein – a cinematographer and documentary director who shares her lived wisdom with us from a lifetime of meditating and growing up in the Himalayas of India. Satsang with Anandi Brownstein | Cultivating […]

anandi brownstein in black and white holding a camera in front of a mirro
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S3 EP2 Acharya Shunya | How to live your sovereignty, power and peace through the wisdom of the Vedas

“The empowered person is a role model to all beings.” It is a total privilege to introduce you to this week’s guest on A Curious Yogi Podcast – the trailblazing Vedic spiritual teacher Acharya Shunya. I came across Shunyas book Sovereign Self at a bookstore in Delhi and couldn’t pick it up at the time, […]

vedic teacher with hand on chest in black and white
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S3 EP1 A Curious Yogi Kirtan | The Dimension of Pure Love

An extraordinary episode and start to season three recorded live from my living room with some of my best friends and the most established, devoted yogis. Join us in the light-hearted space of kirtan, which is “the dimension of pure love.”  I did it! I made it to season three of a Curious Yogi Podcast! […]

quote from a book on the glory of friendship in black and white
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S2 Finale with Vijay Shyam | What does it mean to surrender the ego to Guru or God?

Today I’m joined live in Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh, with a wonderful teacher, satsangee and great human being who I’m honoured to call my friend – Vijay Shyam. Check out season 1 episode 5 for the first conversation we had on the podcast, where Vijay shares his stories and insights and his meeting with Baba […]

male and female backpackers
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