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Expand your understanding of what Yoga truly is and get curious about what speaks to you most about this practice - 

Be part of a community, tap into your spirituality and gain wisdom on your path. 

I teach the richness of many elements of yoga; asana, mantra, pranaayam, scripture, philosophy to satsang, in a light-hearted and accessible way, allowing you the space to be guided into the layers of your practice and nurture your curiosity of Self. 

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8 weeks of regular Yogasana Practice

Commit to your weekly practice with once or twice a week consistency so you can actually cultivate the benefits of yoga in your life. 

  • Weekly 60 minute asana based practice with pranayam, meditation and mantra woven throughout 
  • Destress your body and mind 
  • Cultivate the support with a regular community 
  • Practice from anywhere with zoom links sent right to your inbox 
  • Investment is only $117 for 8 weeks
  • Join Monday Nights, Thursday Mornings or BOTH! 
  • Recordings available 

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Here's the details: 

Monday nights and Thursday mornings 
beginning september 8th 

A free workshop for anyone who struggles with symptoms of ADHD and/or addiction. Build awareness of the way your unique system and learn techniques that you can resource in times of need and dysregulation. 


The Brilliance of Hath Yog: Embody the knowledge and make the practice your own

Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The only prerequisite is the desire for a deeper understanding of yoga beyond the asana. This pillar offering was developed after 17 years of studying yoga, living in India and developing a solid daily practice.

  • Explore the yogic techniques and deep principles behind asana, praanayam, mantra, meditation, self study, satsang
  • How to live with the vision of Oneness by integrating yoga into their daily lives
  • Discover how the Bhagavad Gita is relatable to all
  • What are the jewels of Yoga that many yoga students are unaware of 
  • The fundamental asanas to practice daily, and it’s not what you think! 
  • move through a full asana and pranaayam practice
  • Finish with seated meditation
  • have plenty of space for expression, questions and, conversation
  • To take home: document with all covered materials and a 7 day guide to building a Self practice by applying the principles learned  

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Here’s what to expect!

FOR YOGA STUDIOS - Not just Yoga Workshops

With lightness and contemporary appeal, this two and a half hour workshop brings the simple freeing philosophy of Hath Yog to life. 

Offer your students an opportunity to expand their awareness, build their Self practice tool kit and live in the space of freedom and awareness - by diving into 6 key pillars of Hath Yog and Sadhana. 

Sounds like something your students would benefit from?


This workshop is available in both the online and in person format. I am currently booking in studio Canadian dates from July 15th - September 30th 2022. 


“Bobbi is a highly evolved yogi who brings joy and light to the practice.
Her deep knowledge of each asana does not stop on the physical level. Rather, with enthusiastic skill and one-pointed attention, she leads her students to the source-awareness, described by the yogis as Sat-Chit-Anand, Existence-Consciousness, and Bliss. This is the true purpose of any yoga practice.

Bobbi values the full spectrum of yoga, which is not only to purify the channels and strengthen the physical body. The space of meditation is created throughout the practice. This rare ability makes the class unique and fulfilling”
- Pragati, Meditation & Pranaayam teacher, New Zealand & India 

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“Bobbi is a perfect teacher in every aspect plus she is definitely connected to her own Self, which she shares that generously with others. Her classes have given me much more flexibility , inner peace and happiness and motivation to practice on my own.

She's one of the best yoga teachers I've met so far, if not the best. She combines perfect technique with her own spiritual practice. After an hour with her I always feel grounded, stretched and yet connected to myself and the whole. You couldn't use the time better. ”

- Petra, Psychiatrist, Germany 

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“Bobbi is a REAL Yogi! She lives yoga and so is masterful at marrying the spiritual with the physical.  

Her warmth,  depth of knowledge, and ability to meet people where they're at makes her unique. Plus her sense of fun and lightness.  She's supportive and you'll always feel safe with Bobbi.  She helps me get out of my head. 

- Devon, Meditation Teacher, California 

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